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Widerøe was founded in Norway, and is now the biggest regional airline in Scandinavia. Their main focus lies on the small airports spread across Norway.

I'm looking at the possibility for Widerøe to expand their market elsewhere, and in this instance Denmark. Danes are a big part of tourism in Norway, but they chose other means of tranportation than flying, when traveling to Norway.

Design Elements

Widerøe's classic green colour is accompanied by a dark blue, which both encompass Norway's broad nature. The dark blue oceans, the northern lights and the large green forests, to mention a few.

The identity is built upon the strongpoints of Widerøe; the unique nature of Norway, that you can only experience in this way, through the windows of a Widerøe plane.

Along with the main logo, there is also two logo variantions which are used on full colour elements.


To highlight both the strenghts and weaknesses of Widerøe is the main campaign approach, together with a vintage style of drawing travel posters. The desired effect is a smile one the lips and a nostalic feeling.

The campaign posters are present places danish tourist often are. Ex. At the gas station on the highway between Denmark and Norway, in ship magazines, on travels website like Visit Norway, etc.

Website / App

The website is built around inspiring travel in Norways small and far away places, which you can reach easly with Widerøe. The landingpage has first small articles about interesting places, then a routemap, an lastly news and instagram feed.

The ticket search function is always present, on every page, at the bottom, and functions like a drop-up date picker.

The app functions a lot like the website, with a focus on always having the most important parts, closest to the thumb.


To get the tourist to travel more, the magazine focus on inspiring stories from Norway. The reader can get an insight into communities and nature not often written about. Theres also local tips about wandering routes, places of intrest and events.